About Carmel Corn Cottage

The  Carmel Corn Cottage is the charming little red and white shop, at the north end of Nashville on Van Buren.  The delicious aroma of caramel cooking and the lively music playing beckons passer-byes to stop in. Inside one of the friendliest shops in the village of Nashville, customers have a large selection of snacks to choose from.

With 10 different types of caramel, plus other flavors like Dill and the newest flavor, MAPLE  caramel  corn and Bacon caramel, even pooch corn for your dog.  

228x228_CopperThe caramel apples, famous three bite delights and the legendary huge buckeyes, Kathy's homemade fudge. There is something for everyone at the Carmel Corn Cottage. Everything from the pictures, to the sayings, signs and "corny" knickknacks show the sense of humor of owner Jim Rispoli has. Stop in for a friendly hello, or one of our free samples. We will ship and popcorn making demonstrations are available for groups up to 15, please call for reservations. Find us on Facebook, Carmel Corn Cottage.

Were getting ready for the MAPLE  festivals that Nashville will be hosting now.


Jim RispoliJim Rispoli bought Carmel Corn Cottage from Jim and Marie Pope's grandson in 1997.  The Popes were in the carnival/amusement business in Paris, IL., bought the building in 1978 when they moved to Brown County.  They wanted a location where they could continue to make their popcorn and caramel apples.   They opened the shop with just a few items: a Dunbar & Co. popcorn machine, scale, popcorn sign and Slush Puppie machine.  The only popcorn they made was the original caramel and cheese.

Jim bought the shop with all of the equipment, and today he still makes popcorn daily with the original Dunbar machine, a rotary dry air popcorn machine that does not use oil, leaving no after taste on the popcorn.  He still uses the original scale and serves signature Slush Puppies in a variety of flavors.  Over the years he has added new flavors each year. However, he has noticed that the more flavors he adds, the smaller his shop becomes.

One of the charms of his shop is the size and how many products he can fit inside. He serves everything from popcorn to candies to caramel apples and drinks. Even the signs on his wall are for sale. This is a must stop and see when visiting Brown County, samples are always free.